Sport Celebrities Congratulate BOLSHOI Sport Magazine on its 10th Anniversary

Width418__On 24 June, Alexei Nemov, a four-time Olympic champion, hosted an official reception at the Izvestia Concert Hall dedicated to BOLSHOI Sport magazine’s anniversary – this year one of the country’s leading sports publications is celebrating its 10th birthday. The reception was organized by Alexei Nemov, Bolshoi Sport magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. He transformed his media project’s anniversary into a public stock-taking of the entire sporting decade especially in the light of outstanding achievements that Russian athletes demonstrated over the last 10 years. However, these accomplishments and triumphs could have never been possible without the support of sponsors, which is why the celebration of BOLSHOI Sport magazine’s 10th anniversary and the stock-taking of Russia’s sports industry and its development became a ceremony of “thanks-giving”: celebrated champions and winners of international competitions not only congratulated Alexei Nemov and BOLSHOI Sport magazine on its 10th anniversary, but also publically thanked representatives of the business community for their charitable initiatives in the world of sports and their contribution to the development of Russia’s sporting industry. In this vein Alexander Zubkov, a two-time Olympic champion in bobsleigh, presented an award to Mercedes-Benz Russia, an automotive concern, represented by Maria Morozova for supporting and promoting his discipline.

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